Researcher & therapist

About Stefan Westermann


Research interests

  • Modeling and simulation in clinical psychology

  • Formation and maintenance of psychological disorders as motivational attractors

  • Internet-based interventions

  • Personalized psychological treatments


Stefan Westermann is a psychotherapist, a researcher and a hiking enthusiast. Currently, he is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and was previously a postdoc at the University of Bern, Switzerland. He obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology in 2011 from the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany, and is a licensed psychotherapist in Germany and Switzerland. Dr. Westermann models the dynamic interplay of motives, interpersonal relationships, and learning, to answer questions such as "How does a client learn from novel experiences within the therapeutic relationship?". Besides that, he is interested in Internet-based interventions, and psychological therapies for people with psychosis. His favorite hiking regions are the Swiss alps, the Rumanian carpathians and California’s state and national parks.